No Tea No Coffee

We make manipulation props, and manipulation DVD's and we love spinning.
We don't drink tea or coffee, but we still like energy drinks and chocolate.

Who we are:

We are you. We are jugglers and manipulators. We love that giggle you get when you discover a new trick for the first time. We are a company that makes what we want to see as manipulators first and profit second. We are small. We are a boutique. We don't use chinese labour. We use local labour or fairtrade with people that smile. We make what we use and we use what we make. We have been doing this long enough that we get paid to perform as well and all of products are suitable for use and abuse on stage. We are performers ourselves and supply products that can be used in a professional environment.

On our manufacturing:

The art of making things is being lost to large factories mainly in china with sub standard living conditions, bear in mind we're writing this before labour prices have balances out, as they are bound to do. (Thank you again Adam Smith) We support the UK/European manufacturing industry where ever possible and when we can't we make sure that we know the people who are making our products and they are paid a more than fair wage for what they are making. Anybody that makes our stuff or helps make our stuff is a citizen first and a worker second.

We make our products in small runs to make sure that we maintain the high quality standards that we would have wanted to see when we were buying things from the other side of the counter. Obviously we still like mass produced skill toys and manipulation goods, cos that makes them cheaper and sometimes better. We are however aimed at specialist quality props you just can't get anywhere else and that are performance ready.

Supporting Spinners and assorted circle geeks.

We love watching juggling videos. We believe that the person who innovated a prop should receive some of the monetary benefit from it. So when we make Ronan Poi, Ronan gets a cut of the profits. Or when we see a cool juggling product that we would buy then we contact the makers to see if we can help them distribute it in our country. Plus we like to help our friends; like Drew Batchelor who wrote the book on Multiball Contact Juggling. Literally.

Supporting Innovation and Performing Artists.

Yes, when you buy from us, you're helping support us, and indirectly, the spinning scene in UK and the world. The more money we have, the more time we can devote to making more and better product, making free, fun and awesome videos and tutorials and in the long run, teaching more people directly and helping to grow the community of object manipulators. It's pretty true to say that any money you give to Meg will be spent on spinning anyway, but this just allows her more time to do associated cool stuff.