Who are Meg and Steve?

Who Is Meg?

Meg is a manipulator of many years. Thou that sounds bad, that just means she likes playing with toys. That also sounds wrong. Well, she is learning to be creative and to damp down on her 'megativity', which like a nuclear reactor on a submarine is both a power source and a dangerous liability if used unwisely. She also enjoys video editing and doing many geeky activities related to spinning.... In fact there isn't much that she does that isn't related to spinning.

Meg's teaching website: firestaff-tutorials.co.uk
Meg's professional website!

Who Is Steve?

Steve is also American, but he didn't have a chance to vote for Bush, because he's been living in Scotland for the better part of his adult life. Like a caterpillar that turns in a beautiful butterfly, Steve's accent is slowly changing into a American Scottish Hybrid, particularly noticable when he says 'Amazin''. Steve is responsible for the making of the DVDs, the voice overs, and for general technical wizardry. He is also an astute business man. Well he is when he is around his beautiful wife Rachel, who is the power behind the throne, as it were.

Steve doesn't have any websites of his own, cos he a mysterious land of mystery. He can be found winning contests on current.tv or meandering around the internet via StumbleUpon.