STAFF Manipulation DVD

Contains over 200 minutes of tutorials guiding you through the learning process and over 100 minutes of inspiration from many of todays greatest staff spinners and jugglers.

Inspiration sections from the best of the global community of double staff spinners. As well as more tutorials than you can shake two sticks at. Yeah I couldn't resist that pun.

The tutorials are taught by Meghan Claire Pike (MCP) and Noel Yee (Noelski).

The inspiration sections cover many many different styles of doubles, small doubles, long doubles, throwing, manipulating, contacting doubles, as well as some buugeng by the creator of buugeng. Excellent spinning from France, Germany, America, Ireland, the UK and Australia are all represented on the DVD.

The DVD is in NTSC format, so it's going to play on most DVD players. (Unless you have a PAL only one, which is quite quite rare.) It's very long, like at least 300 minutes of tutorials, inspiration and extra special animated simulations.

We put so much work into this DVD you would not even believe! It's got four different languages available: English, German, French and Spanish.

Currencies are changing all the time, so please check how much it is in yours before you purchase!

DVD Format: Dual Layer DVD

Picture Format: NTSC (PAL is not available but NTNC plays on almost every single player)

Running Time: 300 Minutes

[ DVD - 14.99 P&P - 3.00 ]

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